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Understand Winter and Markets in General Before Engaging In FOREX During The Season

Seasonality is the key that makes it easier for everyone to identify the opportunities to improve their business. In statistics, most time series show a yearly cyclic variation, defined as the repetitive and predictable movement around the trend line. It is obligatory to take in consideration how seasonal trends affect stock prices. A business that […]

What is a Broker in FOREX? What do they do?

When it comes to online commerce, the BROKERS are the best option for those beginning investors of the matter, because these are assets of easy understanding and management, which sooner or later originate profits of high volatility. A BROKER is the person or a company that helps us organises the transactions that are made between […]

The Best FOREX Strategies For 2018

Trading foreign exchanges requires knowledge about economics; do not expect to take spontaneous decisions and randomly succeed at FOREX trading. Many traders have created different FOREX strategies to fit their personal preferences; other traders choose one of those that have already been proven to be efficient. The biggest mistake most FOREX beginners do is thinking […]

How To Trade FOREX During Winter

Time tends to make people’s minds change. The result is that the market behaviour is constantly changing. While some months can be amazingly profitable, others can be slow, or volatility could completely mess up your earnings. Trend changes like those are hard to predict, but there are some common conducts that tend to follow certain […]