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Using a Profit Calculator

Using a Profit Calculator Realized profit refers to profit that is realized from a closed transaction, that is, a trade which has already been closed. Realized profit may also be referred to as gross profit. Many online brokers do not have this type of feature and must be paid for it. For this reason many […]

Which Forex Strategy is Best for You?

If you want to trade in Forex, you need to be aware of the four major currency pairs and their Forex strategy. Here is a brief guide to trading Forex. These are the four most widely traded currency pairs in the world, the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound and Japanese Yen. They are traded in […]

The Key Factors For Trading Success

Many new traders believe that the only way to make a profit is to do nothing. This is simply not true. Any trader can and should make a profit, but only if they know how to handle their account. It is very important for them to be disciplined and goal oriented, or they will fail. […]

The Importance of a Forex Strategy

The Importance of a Forex Strategy Your Forex Strategy should not be a guess, but a proven fact. A solid strategy should be backed up by a solid understanding of the market. For example, you can use price changes in one currency pair against the other currency pair to predict what might happen next. If […]

Profit and Loss With Your Trading Platform

While trading forex, many people get lost in the different jargon that surrounds the markets. The Forex market is a very confusing market to get into for new traders. Many beginners get spooked by the crash of 2020 and try to trade out of fear and that can actually be harmful to your trading platform. […]

What is a Forex Strategy?

If you are new to Forex trading and just starting to learn the different Forex strategies then you have to understand that there are many currency pairs. There are three major currency pairs in the Forex market – USD, EURO and GBP. Learn about each one before jumping into a particular currency pair. When you […]

Finding the Best Forex Strategy

How can a beginner prepare for the forex currency market? Here are some important tips for making the most of your money. The forex currency market is where traders and investors can place trades in currency pairs. The forex market consists of four major currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY) and their respective historical movements. To […]